Saturday, 13 September 2014

New Nikon film camera

This is great news a news from Nikon and for 35 mm film camera users in the UK. Recognition that film sales are still very strong.

I put my hand up I copied this from the Ilford forum.



12th September 2014

Nikon FM10 Back in the UK thanks to Keyphoto!

Keyphoto, specialist supplier to the education sector, have entered into an exclusive agreement with Nikon to sell the FM10 SLR 35mm film camera in the UK.Nikon FM10 SLR 35mm film camera available from Keyphoto.
Continued buoyancy and interest in traditional analogue photography, means continued demand for 35mm Film cameras. Although there is a regular supply of used second-hand models, this is an unsatisfactory solution for schools, colleges and universities. There was pressure on Keyphoto to come up with a solution and after meetings with the major brands, Nikon agreed to make available the FM10 which they had been selling in the North American and Asian markets but withdrew from Europe many years ago. In order to ensure an orderly market, Keyphoto have been given the exclusive rights to distribute this Nikon model in the UK.

The camera is fully MANUAL and therefore an ideal 35mm SLR for students
· Fully manual focusing, exposure control, film loading, film advance, and film rewind
·Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.5-4.8 lens
·Accepts Nikon F-mount lenses with an aperture ring
·Battery operated simple centre-weighted metering and match diode system
·Mechanical Shutter mechanism
·Includes fitted case, strap, batteries and tripod non-slip pad
The camera is in stock and first deliveries have started September 2014.
The RRP is £310 incl. VAT with a full 1 Year Nikon International warranty.
“I am delighted to offer our customers a new film SLR. Nikon have stepped up to the plate and delivered the FM10. This quality fully manual camera will ensure that traditional photography has a bright future” says Keyphoto MD, Axel Flaig.
Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing for ILFORD PHOTO, said “Keyphoto have over 25 years experience as a supplier of photographic materials and equipment to UK education establishments. We are delighted to hear this fabulous news about the agreement with Nikon. The majority of photo students commence their course with traditional methods using black and white film and printing the results in the darkroom. The Nikon FM10 SLR is an excellent choice of camera for colleges to have available for loan to students, or anybody wanting to purchase a good quality SLR 35mm film camera.”
Full details from Keyphoto at:
Tel: 01582 460461