Sunday, 7 October 2012

Paper fixing faults.

This post will be short, a sort of quick guide to paper fixing faults. They are listed in no particular order.
This picture shows the fix is ehausted

         Brownish areas: fix exhausted.
         Print becomes yellow after a while: Was not fixed for long enough and    or  washed for to short a time.
         Burnt out highlights: acid fix not diluted to the right strength. Left in the fix for to long. Not timed properly.
         Brownish spots, Lilac round the edges: Stop bath exhausted, incomplete fixing, forgotten to wash or use stop after the developer.
The blue stain shows that the stop is exhausted.
         Yellowish fog over the entire paper surface: Exhausted fix, developer contaminated fix, little or no agitation while fixing.


It is not unusual to be caught out by some of these faults. Even when you have years of experience.