Monday, 2 April 2012

Processed print faults

Exhausted Developer
With all the processes that need to go well when producing a print in the darkroom it is surprising that faults are not more common. Even so the odd  one comes along to de-rail a good printing session. It does not matter how experienced you are sods law trips us all up!

Exhausred stop

Here are some of the most common faults: 

         Chemical fingers - this where odd irregular marks appear on the finished print usually at the edges. Make sure your hands are free from chemical contamination and dry before you handle photographic paper.

         Exhausted developer - fails to produced a full image once it has reached its completion time.
Exhausted Fix

         Wrongly diluted developer - produces faint grainy image. A bit like the above.

         Exhausted stop - leads to a purple tone to the white areas of the print.

         Exhausted fix - the slow brownish toning of the finished print in day light.

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