Thursday, 29 December 2011

Printing. Basic amount of kit.

The minimum amount of kit you need to produce a photographic print.

  1. Enlarger with red filter and filter head (colour) or multi grade head. Without filter head separate multi grade filters. Enlarging lens.
  2. Enlarging frame 18 cm x 24 cm (7"x 9") two-blade.
  3. Orange/red safe light and ordinary light.
  4. Four dishes minimum size 18 cm x 24 (7"x 9").
  5. Three pairs of tongs, one each for developer,stop-bath and fix.
  6. Three funnels of different colours or marked dev'. stop and fix.
  7. A measuring jug of a 1000mls.
  8. At least three storage bottles for your chemicals.
  9. Timer with alarm or timer.
  10. Thermometer alcohol type times three but you can get away with one.
  11. Puffer brush.
  12. Multi grade paper.
  13. Paper cutter.
  14. Focusing device.