Saturday, 22 December 2018

Recall volume 2

There is a commotion in the hallway as the dogs clammer to get traction on the stone floor as they race to be first to the door. Ah! It must be the postman. There he is waiting to hand me the package containing my next copy of Recall. I thank him and head in.

With the package in hand I make my way to the office. There is a tinge of excitement as the packet is torn open. With bated breath I slowly pull the magazine from it's cardboard surround. Will it or wont it be as good as the last one. First impression suggest it is!

I remove it from the rapper, wow! Again the reproduction is wonderful it has caught the subtle reflections of light that were in the original photographs of the high rise blocks. There is a slight mistake that I missed, this was due to a software update that unsettled the original layout of the images but really not worth mentioning in detail.

Although I have set up a number of custom templates, do not take it for granted that there will render identical to the last issue without being carefully checked. Something I will do for the next volume. It is a case of getting used to the software and getting to grips with a method that allows things to flow. Once this happens then I think the mistakes will disappear.

I have decided not to release a digital copy as it defeats the idea of the magazine. Which is to share nicely printed pictures that could be framed and put on the wall.

I have a very small number of signed and numbed copies for anyone who maybe interested. You can only purchase them from me direct. If not you can buy direct from the site.

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