Thursday, 5 January 2012

The future of Copyright.

 The following has been taken from the DACS winter news letter.

The Hargreaves Review
            The dizzying speed of digital innovation means the debate around copyright has never been hotter. Last year the Government commissioned an independent review of the UK's intellectual property framework, to see if it was fit to support future economic growth and innovation in the UK - and if not, to propose changes.
  Professor Ian Hargreaves led the review with a call for evidence (to which DACS contributed a comprehensive response) and published his findings in May 2011. The Government has responded positively to his recommendations, which will mean some critical changes to copyright in the UK, some affecting visual artists.
Small claims court
In a positive move, rightsholders such as visual artists will have access to a small claims track for copyright disputes through an Intellectual Property County Court. This is good news for rightsholders, as it will reduce the costs of bringing a case to court.
Copyright exceptions
 The Government also backed recommendations to introduce new copyright exceptions. This move, if passed into law, will allow for copyright protected works to be used in some circumstances without the need to seek permission from the creator or owner. Intended examples include certain types of private copying, and other uses such as non-commercial research, library archiving, and parody.
  DACS is concerned about the effect of some of these exceptions on visual artists, and will be participating fully in the forthcoming public consultation.
Orphan works
  The Government also aims to introduce a scheme to allow for the commercial and cultural use of orphan works (works with untraceable owners). The intention is to ensure rightsholders' interests are protected, but details of this are yet to be published. DACS is concerned that the Government intends to legislate for a nominal fee for uses of orphan works.
It's important that the Government hears what visual artists have to say, and DACS will be creating ways for visual artists to participate in this process.
You can read DACS' submission to the Independent Review of IP and Growth on our website:

400TX: Agfa APX 400 in Prescysol

I came across this post while looking up a friends blog. It is worth a read as Jeffery Smith makes some interesting points. I must say that my use of the newly released Agfa APX 100 with PMK Pyro has not shown the signs of graininess he refers to with the faster film. But then I'm not sure that the new film is of the same make up as the discontinued one. He also did not say whether or not he used an after bath when processed his films.

400TX: Agfa APX 400 in Prescysol