Monday, 7 November 2011

My first intro to photography

My dad started it all off with a camera that he used to slip into his jacket pocket on days out. From that brief description it sounds like a Leica; it wasnt, it would fill his whole pocket and when he wanted to use it, he would lift it from his pocket, push the range finder housing to the left and a square on the front would pop open. He would then pull the door down as he did this the lens and mechanism would slide out pulling the bellows behind it.

He would raise the camera to his eye, finger on range finder wheel, read the figure off the side of the wheel and transferd that to the lens focus ring; looked at the sky, set the aperture, cock the shutter release and back to his eye.... click! all done in a matter of seconds. To a very young boy this was a wonderous thing to watch and from time to time I was allowed to take the picture, pure magic. The prints perfect.

So what was this wonderous piece of kit? An Agifold 120 format 6x6 negative camera made in Croydon from 1948 by the AGI company. We still have the camera, it's in working order but lets light in around the sides where the back come off to load the film and could do with a very good clean.